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Polypropylene from lead-acid batteries recycling is produced according to TU 2298-001-76468183-2012.

Parameters Standards
1 Aappearance Chippings of black, white or other colours depending on batteries used
2 Other plastic materials content, % no more 0.05÷0.1
3 Moisture mass fraction, % no more 4÷6
4 Fraction size, mm 80
5 Bulk density, t/m³ no more 0.4

Polypropylene is supplied in polythene big bags. Each bag has markings designating name, lot number, package number and net weight. One bag weight makes 500-700 kg.

Surrender Battery

Company «Fregat» offers a profitable and efficient service — buying batteries and scrap batteries of all brands and containers with their subsequent processing in Moscow and Moscow region. Our service center is ready to take any amount of scrap batteries and ensure their safe disposal, minimizing the harm to the environment.

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