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Fregat LLC has been added by the LME (London Metal Exchange) to its register as supplier of approved brand of lead — FRGT PB985R.

Having satisfied itself of Fregat LLC’s corporate profile, organizational structure, financial standing and production capability, the LME has announced in November 2015 that they have added our lead brand FRGT PB985R to its register of brands approved for good delivery against LME Standard Lead Contracts with immediate effect.

This follows a complex and stringent application process during which our production process, technological systems, quality control and other aspects have undergone thorough assessment, while our trial lots of lead metal were independently evaluated by LME registered testers and assayers. With results being in compliance with the prescribed parameters, our application was finally approved.*

Fregat LLC — proud carrier of LME’s approval for supplying registered lead brand FRGT PB985R. The only LME registered lead producer in Russian Federation.

* Please note that only metal produced on or after 27 October 2015 will be good delivery to LME warehouse, as evidenced by the date of Fregat LLC’s Certificate of Analysis.

Surrender Battery

Company «Fregat» offers a profitable and efficient service — buying batteries and scrap batteries of all brands and containers with their subsequent processing in Moscow and Moscow region. Our service center is ready to take any amount of scrap batteries and ensure their safe disposal, minimizing the harm to the environment.

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